Social Media Presence & PPC
Brent FC -

Over an 8 year project timeline, we have worked with Brent FC to create a Social Media Presence across all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

We have grown Brent FC's digital presence from a mere Facebook page back in 2014 to a living, breathing and daily updated organism with over 3000 followers. 


We also have been involved with their recruitment, which is especially difficult at the level of football the club play at. With a targeted advertising campaign through Facebook, Instagram and Gumtree we were able to recruit 5 goalkeepers into the club within a week period. That was 500% rise on previous campaigns.


Below is a selection of work completed for Brent FC...

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"The work that Double Digital did for Brent FC, increased our exposure, which led to us appearing on national TV."

Brent FC - Committee Member